I love to support our food trucks. Heck I have made some good friends by doing so. Sometimes you get hungry and you want to try something new but the problem is you don't know where these trucks are parked.

How Do You Find the Food Trucks Here in Amarillo?

Sometimes they have a set location. I used to know that I could find Yolo's Food Truck on the corner of 45th and Georgia. I say use to because they now have a set restaurant location (corner of 6th and Van Buren) that they have their truck parked at unless needed. They opened their location in Downtown Amarillo to the public yesterday (November 29th).

So if you are craving a certain kind of food and want to try out a food truck, where do you go. I mean you can drive all over Amarillo. You can hope that you happen upon one. Or really you can have a strategy.

I am all about knowing where to get my Hibachi. I want to know where I can find a new unique pizza.

Is There a Way to Be in the Know?

I really like to be proactive. I mean if there is something I really want to find I want to know the easiest way to find my answer. I always seem to know that Facebook has the answers. They always have for me.

So if you haven't searched for it yet there is a Facebook page to help you. I am a member of it and I seem to stalk it a lot for answers. The Amarillo Food Trucks group. A perfect way to know about a lot of them at one time.

The businesses that know post here. You can also always follow each Food Truck separately but that just hogs up your news feed. I am a huge fan of this group.

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