So I spend a lot of time stalking, no I mean researching, good places to eat here in Amarillo. I am all about the more the merrier. If you can give me a reason to want to visit you won half the battle.

What's in a Name? Abbie Normal it is.

Creativity is a plus. Oh, and a name can really stick out. This new food truck had both. I found a page for Abbie Normal's. First, I love the name. Second, they are all about the pizza. Oh and they also have some cool ice cream options.

Yes, pizza and ice cream. Who can't get behind that? So, first I have to warn you that you can only try them on a limited basis right now. They are working out all the kinks. So if you can find them, even better.

They will officially be announcing their grand opening soon. They have been working a few days out of MJ's Saloon on Olsen Blvd. Again this is only training. What I have seen of the photos though. Yeah they are going to be good.

Pizza and Ice Cream, What's Not to Love?

So I have seen posts about a BLT pizza. Yeah, that sounds good. If ice cream is more your thing, they got you with a cinnamon toast ice cream. Yep, that sounds heavenly. They will even tempt you with their seasonal favorite pumpkin spice ice cream. You have to have that on the menu. I mean it IS November.

Where Can you Find Them in the Meantime?

I researched their website HERE. You can get a sneak peak before the grand opening.

  • November 25th - they will be at 45th and Bell  (6pm -9pm)
  • November 27th - you can find them at 34th and Soncy  (3pm - 9pm)
  • November 30th - they will be hanging out at 5th and Polk  (7pm - 10pm)

So keep an eye out for this new food truck making an appearance soon near you.

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