I love seeing businesses in Amarillo succeeding. I mean as food trucks became a thing in Amarillo they have been really awesome. More options for us to get our favorite foods is great.

Food Trucks were really counted on too during our year that was 2020 as well. Another way to keep food options open when so many things were shutting down. It wasn't that long ago that Pizza Nomad took their food truck to an actual restaurant location. Oh and they are still going strong.

So when I am scrolling and find other places finding a more permanent location that is pretty cool. Case in point when the question was asked what was moving into the old Outlaws Supper Club location. Looking on Google that has been listed as permanently closed for a bit. So the location at 10816 SE 3rd is ready for a new tenant.

That is exactly what is happening. If you follow Pork n Things BBQ on Facebook you have already seen this announcement right from the horses mouth.....or should I say pigs?:

Coming soon!!! If you (heart)  Pork N Things the food truck you’re going to (heart) Pork N Things the restaurant & more even better!!! We are super excited to announce the next adventure for us. Stay tuned as we give you updates on our remodel progress and grand opening date!!!

They are in the process of the remodel. The fix up. Getting ready to move into that former Outlaws location. Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end, right? So we will look forward to hearing about an official opening date and another new place in Amarillo to eat.

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