Remember last week when I mentioned another guy with a camera was coming to Amarillo to take on a food challenge? Well, he did. Joel Hansen beat the YOLOS Food Truck All American Food Challenge.

He did it in less than fifteen minutes.

The All American Food Challenge is 8lbs of Food

First, I have to apologize to the YOLOS crew. I saw the invite come in to attend the event, but not before it was too late to make it. It sounds like it was a great time, and that everyone had fun. My sincerest apologies for not being able to make it out.

Second, that challenge was no joke. I mentioned how YOLOS would need to really step up to the challenge if they were going to make it entertaining, and it looks like they did. They served up around 8lbs of food for Joel to put away.

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The Menu for the All American Food Challenge is Intense

The menu is impressive. There were 2 Popper Dogs, 1 Mac Dog, 1 All American Wrap, 1 Stampede Wrap, 1 fully loaded Mac Attack, 1 Chicken Lil Fries, 1 Sloppy Sloppy Joe, 1 Kickin Chicken, 1 Bayou Po Boy, and 6 Apple Pie Tacos.

My stomach hurts just reading the list. Individually I'm sure the items are awesome. That much at one time though? Ouch.

Joel did it though. He put it away in 14:53. Hats off to YOLOS. He did the 72 oz. steak at The Big Texan in less time (just under twelve-and-a-half minutes), and he wasn't pushing himself. That's something to brag about.

The video hasn't been released yet of Joel tackling the All American Food Challenge at YOLOS Food Truck, but I can imagine it will be a good one. Just take a look at the photos that YOLOS shared on Facebook.

I definitely recommend following YOLOS on social media, or subscribing to Joel Hansen's YouTube channel to see the video when it comes out.

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