Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been busy the past few weeks signing a plethora of new bills into law for the Lone Star state. It can be hard to keep up with all the new House Bills so we put together a short list of some of the new bills you should know. Whether you're interested in growing hemp, children's lemonade stands or not getting anymore d*ck pics, it seems that the Texas governor has a new bill for you! Governor Abbott has been busy signing a few different Texas House Bills into law and there is a good chance that at least one pertains to an interest of yours. Here are some of the most interesting that we found, and what it means for the Lone Star State.

House Bill 1325 allows Texas farmers to grow hemp as soon as 2020. The state is just waiting on the federal government to give regulations and procedures regarding growing, inspection, and testing. Texas now joins 40 other states who allow the production of hemp.

House Bill 234 allows children to run their own lemonade stands on private property without the need for a permit or risk getting shut down by the city or a homeowner's association. Minors can now sell nonalcoholic beverages on private property in peace.

Texas women already have a law that protects their right to breastfeed in public, but now they can pump their breast milk in public as well. House Bill 541 was signed to clearly state that women can breastfeed, or pump, anywhere they choose like businesses, restaurants as well as public places.

Workers who are having trouble making those expensive student loans don't have to worry about losing their licenses because of student loan default. Various professions who could have lost their license before included cosmetologists, nurses, teachers, lawyers, dentists and more.

House Bill 1631 essentially banning red light cameras in the Lone Star state effective immediately. Unfortunately for some communities, their local government may have contracts with the camera companies that last a few more years. Even so, some cities like Dallas (who still have a contract) have said they are turning off the cameras and not issuing any more tickets, according to Central Track.

While you can head down to your local brewery and buy a pint, you couldn't take a package of that beer home with you- until now. House Bill 1545 will allow manufacturing breweries to sell their beer to-go. This is exciting for breweries since they will be able to sell directly to consumers, instead of having to go through a distributor.

House Bill 2789 is here to save your eyes from having to see all those horrendous and unwanted penis photos that guys for some reason think women are dying to receive. A YouGov survey found that 53% of millennial women have received a naked photo of a man. 1 in 4 millennial men have sent one, and 24% admit sending one without being asked for it.

Senate Bill 21 is moving to raise the smoking age in Texas from 18 years-old to 21 years-old- unless you're in the military. Thirteen other states have already raised their smoking age. Persons under 21 would not be allowed to purchase tobacco products but we're not sure if you would get a ticket if you were between 18 years-old and 21 and found to be smoking.

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