The El Paso Fire Department shared a video yesterday that shows how the department went above and beyond to help a kitten in need. El Paso firefighters are the guys you call when you need help, even if it's not for a human. There are plenty of sweet, cuddly animals around El Paso that can be extremely playful and mischievous. In almost every neighborhood of El Paso cats and kittens can be seen roaming the streets, playing and getting into things. But what happens if one of those playful kittens gets caught in something and they can't make it out on their own. That's where the heroic feats of the El Paso firefighters come in.

In a video posted on their Facebook page yesterday, the El Paso Fire Department explained how someone brought in their kitten that somehow got itself stuck in a pipe:

"Last night, a kitten stuck in a pipe was brought to Fire Station 2. B Shift crews quickly got into action to freed him.
After a successful extrication operation, the kitten was returned to his owners. No injuries were reported."
In the video you see the firefighters working with gloves so they don't get scratched by the frantic kitten. The kitten isn't having a good time, especially when they had to pour dish detergent on the kitten's head to help lubricate it. We all know how much cats hate getting baths, and being forced to get wet while stuck in a metal pipe is not the vibe. Plus after the kitten was unstuck, I assume they had to wash the animal off again. Check out the video above and see how these first responders seriously went above and beyond to help.
Youtube User KVIA
Youtube User KVIA

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