*Disclaimer: The details of this article are purely allegations at the time of writing. The Stinnett Police Department has not acknowledged the viral post.*

The Stinnett Police Chief has been placed on administrative leave after his personal life and cheating scandal has gone viral and taken the internet by storm.

Jason Collier is the police chief in Stinnett, Texas whose personal drama has become an internet sensation. According to KFDA News, Collier was named the Stinnett Police Chief in February of last year after serving in the Borger Police Department for over 20 years. The announcement also mentioned that Collier was married with 4 kids. Problem is, Collier wasn't happy with one relationship, or even one wife.

On Tuesday, a woman named Cecily Steinmetz took to her Facebook page to show a picture of her and Collier and commented on the photo, "Oh hey.... might want to make sure mutual friends don’t know your WIFE."

Yup, Cecily was the other woman and she didn't even know it. If it makes her feel any better, she wasn't alone. Cecily told her Facebook followers that after she came forward a woman named Kristi contacted her to tell her she too was engaged to Collier,

"Yeah not only is he married but Kristi was also his girlfriend. Telling us both he wanted to get married soon. Lying to her this weekend saying he was in Portland when he was in Taos with me all weekend."

Oh from there, the tangled web of lies Collier has been weaving have finally begun untangling. Multiple women have now come forward with evidence that they were involved with Collier as well, including a second wife.

The story seems too far-fetched to actually be true, but sadly it might be. The City of Stinnett released a statement yesterday saying the police chief "has been placed on administrative leave while the city investigates possible violations of city employment policy," per the My High Plains website. The violations probably have to do with the possibly fake annulment papers he showed multiple women and how many trips he took out of town for "work purposes."

No one has heard from Jason Collier yet, but that's most likely since he's hiding from all these women and Dr. Phil's producers. There are rumors they've already been calling the women to try and get them to tell their story. That's bad news for Collier since it means his infidelities are going to haunt him for the foreseeable future.

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