On September 1, some legislators will be celebrating the fruits of their labor as new laws start going into effect. Others are either stuck in committee, DOA, or are still just an idea scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin somewhere.

Here's a quick look at some things that passed, and some that didn't.

Here's What Passed

HB 1758

Own a drone? Ever think of weaponizing that drone? Ever find yourself on the dark web thinking about purchasing a weaponized drone? You better think again now that HB 1758 has passed. Civilians will not be able to own weaponized drones in the Lone Star State anymore. Sad day for you if you were building a collection.

HB 1071

Thanks to HB 1071, therapy animals will be allowed in certain court proceedings. That makes me wonder if, hypothetically, a soon to be ex-wife would be allowed to stuff a teacup chihuahua in her purse and take it in to court with her.

HB 1927

This is one of the big ones; if not the biggest one. This has got to be the most controversial bill passed in this session. Constitutional carry will be a thing in Texas starting Sep 1. That means you won't have to have a special permit to carry a handgun.

What We Missed Out On

HB 1590

This one would have made changes to age in which you can get married. Basically, no matter what, you would have to at least be 18 before you could tie the knot. This one didn't make the cut this session. It got left in committee.

SB 747

This one would have tackled the messy issue of police using "a chemical device against a minor." Think twice before you go protesting and rioting kiddos.

HB 4379

This piece of legislation was focused on vehicle dealerships. Unfortunately, it's left in committee, so no word on the fate of electric car dealerships in Texas.

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