I love the Hoodoo Mural Festival. After skipping 2020 (thanks, Corona) Hoodoo came back full force for 2021 and the artists really outdid themselves. There are 5 amazing new murals in Amarillo thanks to Hoodoo Mural Festival.

Judging from the posts on their Facebook page, this year was a fantastic success. It was a mixture of music, murals, and events for the whole family. But the true impact of this festival lies in the fact that the city now has five more incredible pieces of art decorating our newly revitalized downtown.

New Murals In Amarillo

This year, Hoodoo Mural Festival took things up a notch. Honestly, there is something surprising about each piece. Whether it's the style chosen by the artist, or the use of the surrounding area in the mural itself.

Most of the murals this year seemed to share a theme of animals. Horny toads and buffalo are some of what you can expect to see.

Sarah Clark TSM
Sarah Clark TSM

Jaw Dropping Use of Santa Fe Building

One of my favorites this year, and honestly they're all fantastic, is the one that uses the actual structure of the Santa Fe Building as a part of the mural. When you stand in the right location, and everything lines up, it's an incredible sight. You can see this in the video above or you can keep scrolling to see what I'm talking about.

Larger Than Life Cowboys

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

You'll probably hear the most chatter about the massive mural of a cowboy riding on S. Polk, done by Drew Merritt. At first glance, I thought it was some kind of massive print on the side of a building. It's astonishing to realize it's a painting. The detail is incredible considering how large the piece is.

Keep your eye out for it when you're downtown.

Overall, A Triumphant Return for Hoodoo Mural Festival in Amarillo

After we had to give up having the Hoodoo Mural Festival last year, the artists kicked it back off with incredible pieces making the wait more than worth it. Keep reading to see photos of all of this year's murals.

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