There's a few new laws on the book today, oddly enough 666 of them. I'm not 100% sure the significance of that but one of those is constitutional carry. which basically means that Texans aged 21 and up can now openly carry across the lone star state if they are legally able to do so. But before you holster up there's a few things you should know. While the state law is pretty clear on what you can do. There's still a few situations where you could get in trouble.

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USA, Washington State, Bellevue, Interlake High School
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Yep, Guns are still a no no within 1000 feet of campus, transportation or any school athletic or academic event without consent of the district or with approved policy. Although two new bills, HB 741 and 781 would allow School Marshalls at public, private or charter schools and junior colleges to carry.

Sporting Events

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Heading to a Sod Poodle game? Maybe the Buffs are playing or just Friday Night Live action at Happy State Bank Field in Canyon. Leave the pistol behind because they aren't allowed here either.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

A guide sign at the BSA Hospital campus in Amarillo, Texas
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Hospitals and nursing homes also make the list which includes outpatient facilities and hospitals treating those with mental ailments. A mental diagnosis continues to be a disqualifier for ownership under the new law.

The Bar

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Yep, any business in Texas that is a 51% location, that is 51% of it's revenue comes from alcoholic beverages is off limits.

Any Federal Office


Federal buildings are definitely off limits, The J. Marvin Jones Federal Building downtown is a gun free zone, The Thomas E. Creek VA hospital is definitely off limits as well. The federal scope of these buildings means they are subject to federal jurisdiction and laws which do not permit weapons.

Private businesses can also make their own rules on who can and cannot carry. The new laws also make provisions for employers who wish to enact policies for their staff. The state has a pretty straightforward page on the subject too.

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