A Texas Amazon driver is being hailed as a hero after he found a baby that had been dumped during a carjacking. Juan Carlos Flores has only been an Amazon delivery driver since the beginning of the pandemic, but this week's event will be something he remembers forever. He was on his usual delivery route in Houston when he saw a small baby carrier on the side of the road.

Flores pulled over to investigate and found a five-year-old baby inside the carrier. Flores went to the nearest neighbor to ask if the baby was theirs and found out the child wasn't. He left the baby in the care of the neighbor while he went out looking for the police.

Luckily, the police and the baby's mother were a few blocks away desperately searching for the child. Flores told ABC News when he first saw the baby alone on the street he became emotional:

"When I went close to the baby, I wanted to cry, because I [said] it’s impossible the baby can be here on the side of the street alone."

The Houston Police Department told ABC 13 News that the child was abandoned after an apparent carjacking at a nearby apartment complex.

The mother left her car on while she went to doublecheck she locked the door and when she got back to where her car was parked, the vehicle was gone. She called the police who immediately launched a search for the stolen vehicle and the child. Once the Amazon driver saw the police, he directed them back to the neighbors home so the baby could be reunited with his mother.

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