In a time where we've seen a lot of local restaurants close down, we come along another that had people crushed it was gone.

Or was it gone?

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Daniel's Drive In has been in business for 40 years. However, some devastating news came about according to both Facebook and Google.

The words "permanently closed" appeared next to the business. It left a lot of us to believe another one bites the dust.

COVID really did a number on a lot of local small businesses, from restaurants to shops. However, to the joy of many we found out that Daniel's is actually NOT "permanently closed".

Owner Gary Daniel told the Amarillo Globe-News, "During those first days, I was just standing around, like what's happening? Is it time for me to retire? Then when I found out and got it changed that evening."

This was great news. Located on the corner of N. Highland St. and Amarillo Blvd., the restaurant serving up old fashioned burgers was still operating and functioning as normal. Daniel said the traffic to the restaurant was normal, so not TOO many people saw the news it seemed.

Daniel's was never closed. It is open its normal days and hours, Monday-Thursday from 10:30am to 5pm.

See, Daniel's isn't just an Amarillo favorite. They are incredible people with kind hearts. If they see a homeless person near the restaurant, as they often do due to its location, they are right there with a grilled cheese and cup of water for them.

People like this are so needed in ANY city, not just Amarillo. So the next time you're craving a burger, stop by Daniel's and support a good local business...and make sure they don't "permanently close" once again.

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