The historic winter storm in Texas has knocked out power and water lines, but the lines at Whataburger are still going strong. This week most of the state was blanketed by snow, ice, and other treacherous conditions which made driving and being outside of your home difficult.

Officials warned people to stay indoors, get warm, and prepare to ride the rest of the storm out. While the City of El Paso was thankfully spared the more dangerous weather conditions, other areas weren't as lucky.

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Still, the treacherous conditions didn't stop Texans from enjoying the little things we know and love. Like Whataburger. Facebook user Kara Kay lives in Texas and was driving and saw a line at her local Whataburger.

Seeing long car lines at the beloved Texas fast-food chain is pretty normal, but the line during this unseasonably cold winter storm is astonishing. Kara films how the line snakes out of the parking lot and onto the street. By the end of the video, the line is over a block long, passing the traffic light.

No word on whether or not Kara Kay was going to be joining the line to get some delicious Whataburger grub but it's safe to say if she was, she would be waiting a while for her food.

While some out of towners would be shocked to see how long the line is for a burger, fries, and some spicy ketchup, Texans understand the obsession.


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