Fists started flying during the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth today following the game between Mississippi State and Tulsa. A massive brawl broke out today between players of the Mississippi State and Tulsa football players after the two teams played eachother during the Armed Forces Bowl Thursday. Coaches tried unsuccessfully to separate the players but quickly into the altercation it seemed like every player from both teams were involved at some point. ESPN tweeted out a minute clip of the brawl where you can see Bulldogs wide receiver Malik Heath kicking an unknown Tulsa player while he is on the ground. After, Heath is seen running ahead of the fight before turning around to head back towards the mayhem.

According to the Daily Mail, other players involved in the fight who can be identified are Mississippi State linebacker De'Monte Russell, and Tulsa safety TieNeal Martin who are seen trading blows as well. Coaches from both teams said they couldn't confirm exactly what caused the melee and it will be difficult to identify exactly who did what because of the sheer size of the fight and how almost every player from both teams seems to have been on the field. Mississippi State coach Mike Leach told ABC News that the entire incident between the teams was just plain stupid:

"It's dumb. The root of it's dumb, no matter what the root of it is. The root of it's dumb and the continuation of it's dumb. I would have that solidly in the category of dumb. Now where the dumb started, I'm not entirely sure."

The violence after the game didn't change the score though, and the Bulldogs won 28-26. This was the final game of the season for both football programs.

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