Ask most Amarilloans and they'll agree; we have a feral cat problem.

They may have once been a domesticated house cat.  Or perhaps they were born in the wild.  In both cases, there are too many.  Amarillo animal officials have a plan to lower the overall population and inviting you to comment on the issue.

The plan is called Trap, Neuter, and Return or TNR.

Wild cats are trapped and taken to a administering vet.  The cat is neutered, vaccinated and then the feral cat is released back into the wild to take it's place among it's colony.

The idea is to take dominant cats, the primary breeders and while removing their ability to reproduce they may still maintain their high standing in the colony upon their return.

It is a little surprising to hear the Director of Animal Management assert that the TNR program does not cost tax payer dollars while the euthanasia program does.  The Animal Shelter is receiving more cats than doges lately, another surprising fact.  The TNR program saves on sheltering and euthanasia and has the added effect of keeping the feral cat population better managed.  The TNR program is a direct consequence of efforts to remove and euthanize cats previously.  Removal had the affect of creating fresh territory for new cats.  TNR hopes to keep sterile cats dominant in their area, leading to a gradual but more tenable feral cat population.

There is a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th at City Hall beginning at 6pm.  The public is invited to attend and there will be opportunities to comment before the Animal Control board votes to proceed with TNR or not.