A Hereford Animal Control Officer was attacked by four dogs while on duty Tuesday, June 21st.

The Animal Control Officer was at a residence in the 300 block of Avenue C in Hereford attempting to pick up a dog.  Before the dog could be captured, four other dogs in the vicinity turned on the officer and attacked as a pack.

The dogs caused bite wounds on the officer's leg and shoulder.  He was taken to HRMC by ambulance.  Thankfully he was treated and released.

The pack of dogs belong to one owner residing in the area.  The owner was not home at the time of the attack but was contacted by police.

The owner was cooperative with the authorities and assisted authorities in capturing for impound the four dogs involved in the attack.  The owner has not gotten the dog's their rabies shots and are now in a 10-day rabies observation quarantine.

The owner is expected to be charged with one count of dog running at large and 4 counts of failing to vaccinate against rabies.  The investigation is ongoing and it's possible charges for possession of dangerous dogs could be added.

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