We are still spending a lot of time in our houses. Even though Texas and with that Amarillo is starting to slowly open up. A lot of us are taking it slow as well. So a lot of time is still close by.

It also means that we find a lot of places in our house that can use a good cleaning. Heck it's spring too....so we feel even without covid-19 we would want to spring clean a bit. I have already wrote about the dangers of mixing CLEANERS. There are still other ways that cleaning can be hazardous to your health.

I mean besides just the mixing of chemicals, which can be deadly. There are other things that can cause injuries or illnesses. We don't have time for any of that. Now is the time that if you are cleaning you should take extra precautions.

Make sure when you are wiping down cabinets and tables and other surfaces that you change out the rag you are using frequently. You want to make sure you don't wipe down a counter that may have bacteria on it and then wipe it all over your table. Just putting it back into the sink full of warm water and soap may not be enough. Plus it's not worth the risk right now. Once you are done cleaning make sure you take all your cleaning rags and run them through the washing machine on a hot cycle to kill any germs or bacteria. Can't be too safe.

When you are cleaning it is probably best to have some windows or the door open for a couple reasons. One is to make sure any chemicals you are using to clean are not making you get all choked up. Fresh air can help with that. Plus it's also a good idea just to get some fresh air in the house. Nothing helps make a house smell fresh and clean than letting all that stalk cooked in air outside....replacing it with fresh goodness.

Then there is just the wear and tear on your body. You may be lifting and moving stuff so you can deep clean under couches, beds and dressers. Remember to lift smart. Make sure you lift with your legs and not with your back.

You can still get a good deep clean and not have to worry about the effects it will have on your body. Clean smarter not harder.

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