A few things we pride ourselves on here in Amarillo: our friendliness and our places to eat. When someone is broke down on the side of the road, I always see countless people stop to offer help. We are nice here. We are helpful here. We also like to eat.

So, seeing new places open up is always great. However, I will say that I think this one flew into town under the radar. I didn't hear about it until recently. It's called The Hotdog Hut. It's one of the few places here aside from Wienerschnitzel to get a hot dog. Don't get me wrong I do love a hot dog from Wiencerschnitzel but having another option to choose from is great.

I grew up in Chicago where hot dogs were a way of life. We had hot dog carts on many street corners and amazing hot dogs at the ballpark. Oh, and we have the Chicago Dog too. If you couldn't already guess, hot dogs were a staple for me growing up.

The Hotdog Hut is located at 518 SE 10th St., in the former Nu Castle Cafe location. I hated seeing Nu Castle Cafe close, so seeing them bring new life into the building is great. They have all kinds of hot dogs, as the name would suggest. There's even corndogs on the menu.

For sides you can get fries, onion rings, fried pickles and even chili cheese fries. And they have desserts on the menu too. HERE is where you can find their full menu. They even have a Capone Dog, which is my beloved Chicago dog. I am interested to try the Philly Dog too.

The reviews I have seen so far on Facebook have been nothing but great. I saw one review on Amarillo Restaurant Reviews from Shay that said "Went to the Hotdog Hut today. Food and service were awesome." Others have said that they have the best hot dogs and corn dogs.

Their hours are Monday through Friday from 11am until 6pm. I am looking forward to a visit there soon. It will for sure be a Capone dog for me. I have to see if they are really as good as the dogs back home.


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