A lot of people are moving in to Amarillo. There is a lot of new construction taking place all over town. It got me wondering; what are the safest neighborhoods in Amarillo?

Knowing that somewhere on the Internet there had to be someone who had already compiled the data to make a list, I set out searching. TheNeighborhoodScout had me covered.

Their website is pretty straight forward. Type in an address or a city, and get all of the info you want on a specific area.

According to their website, the 10 safest neighborhoods are:

1. Bishop Hills

bishop hills

2. Lake Tanglewood

lake tanglewood

3. Broadway Dr; West Cherry Ave

Broadway St Cherry St safe neighborhood amarillo

4. North Soncy; FM 1061

soncy fm 1061

5. West McCormick; South Georgia St


6. Erick Ave; Olsen Blvd

erik olsen

7. Bell St; Estacado Ln

bell estacado

8. Georgia St; West Farmers Ave

georgia farmers

9. South Coulter; Andover Dr

coulter andover

10. South Coulter; Fulton

coulter fulton

I wasn't too shocked by some of this. You look at the areas that are the "safest," and they're mostly the ones with the least amount of people. Also, some of the "safest" neighborhoods are pretty removed from the rest of town.

To come up with their list, they looked at reports of violent and property crime. According to their website, and the research they have done, Amarillo as a whole has a higher crime rate than most cities of the same size.

In fact, according to their research, the chances of being a victim of violent or property crime in Amarillo is roughly 1 in 21 people.

You can see the whole report for yourself here.

What do you think of the list? Do you agree that these neighborhoods are the safest?

I don't think it's that any of these neighborhoods have an amazing neighborhood watch team, or major deterrents (other than Tanglewood's gate). It just makes sense that, for the most part, the areas that aren't as heavily populated as others would have less crime.

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