He may be the biggest celebrity Texas has at the moment. I'll stop short of saying he is the biggest the state has ever seen, but Matthew McConaughey is at minimum the biggest ambassador the great state of Texas has.

Here's a man who spearheaded Austin getting their first ever pro team, the new Austin FC soccer team, and a guy who a lot of people believe is going to run for Governor in the next election cycle. It's even possible he wins the race and we'll have to refer to him as Mayor McConaughey.

But remember that time when the winds started to blow around town that someone extremely famous was about to move in? Yeah, that was Matthew McConaughey and his new wife at the time, Camila Alves. As the rumors started to circulate, the buzz began to grow. Amarillo residents trying to investigate where they may be looking at houses and if they could become neighbors.

McConaughey grew up in Longview, and word was he always wanted to raise his kids in a place similar to where he grew up. That's where Amarillo came in. He seemed to think it fit the bill of where he wanted his family to be and have his kids grow up.

Then the bomb dropped and everyone found out this was all completely untrue and something out of a book titled “This Might be a Good Story...” by Jon Mark Beilue. It gained major traction when the Amarillo Globe-News posted somethin about it on April 1, 2011. Yes...April 1...April Fools Day. They got us good on that one.

I will say though, I could see how it was believable. Unfortunately, the McConaughey crew never did make their way to Amarillo. In fact, I'm not even sure he's ever been through here for a visit. Oh well, I guess we'll wait for the next major celebrity to roll into our fair city.

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