As the year comes to a close, not only is it a time to look at our past years but it is also a great time to think about where our future lies.

In a Reddit post on Amarillo's subreddit, user nixusthegod asks "Where do y’all see Amarillo in 20 years?" From this relatively simple question, a whole range of answers came from Amarillo Reddit users.

Some opinions of Amarillo's future are positive, others negative, and some are just outright wacky. We'll let you be the judge on r/amarillo's opinions of where Amarillo as a city is heading.


Abandoned Toot’n Totem’s as far as the eye can see.



If the Toot-N-Totem conquest of Amarillo is successful, this is entirely possible


I see Canyon and Amarillo touching borders. SE Amarillo developed in housing and a new mall. The nice house area in the north west will be midline housing, the midline will be the new hood, and the hood will be commercial. They'll add new cars to the Cadillac ranch. Tyson's will change hands. A lot more housing south of Tyson's. There will be floods and fires that sculpt the path of Amarillo's development. And, lastly, a new church built for every new Braums opened.

-Fun-Celebration 8385

The Canyon-Amarillo metroplex has been talked about for as long as the two towns have neighbored each other, and each year we inch closer and closer to becoming one.


In my rear view mirror


Well said


Honestly, the same as it was 20 years ago.

Nothing to do, culture is limited by a city leadership trying to make downtown into more money for themselves and all with the dwindling of resources to go with it. Only without the oil or farm jobs to go with it since they are either moving, selling or closing up.


 Let's hope that we see some more change than what this user expects.

New Bucces’s. A lot more crime and roads will be worse. Sigh.


   Amarillo please, let's not allow for any assaults or murders in the parking lot to desecrate the sanctity of the Bucees.

The same ****  hole it is now just with a ton more debt

                                                                        - PrestigiousAd4533

Thank you Alex Fairly for helping Amarillo dodge the Civic Center bullet earlier this year.

20 years... The metro area population will be very close to half a million people. I-27 will go from Raton, NM down to Midland. WT will be a D1 school. Maybe UT will build a satellite campus in Amarillo. AISD will build another high school, probably on the northwest or west side of town.Maybe the farmland west of Kohls and Sam's will finally get developed. There needs to be an actual road behind the strip mall so you can get in and out of the parking lot from behind, it would make traffic along Soncy way less dangerous. More larger business setting up shop in Amarillo will attract families and might give young people from Amarillo a better reason to stick around, leading to demographic changes. As the demographics change both due to local factors and along with the larger trend of people just generally not going to church as much as they used to, I think a lot of churches around here will run into financial trouble and waning attendance numbers. We might see a lot of the mid size and smaller churches close in the next 20 years. Amarillo and Canyon will grow together more. Honestly I'm surprised there's still as much farmland as there is next to the highway. Maybe we will get Amtrak service here? A longshot, but it would be great to take a train to Dallas or Denver.


Out of all the comments, fraghawk has the most descriptive and likely predictions on what'll take place in Amarillo. Any bets on this?

Depends on what kind of industry we get in those 20 years. I’ve heard a rumor that we were getting a rare earth metal’s plant or something. I’d say about the same as it is now though, just a lot more people and a lot more development in the south towards Canyon.


Anyone else hear about this?

Same road construction


Hahaha................. oh boy.... I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

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