It’s safe to say that Amarillo has a love-hate relationship with Toot-N-Totum, that’s no secret. Some love the convenience and the fact that a Toot-N-Totum can be found on nearly every corner of Amarillo, while others disagree with its business practices. But in recent years Toot-N-Totem’s locations have expanded beyond Amarillo and into Canyon, Borger, and Planview. There are supposedly even plans for Toot-N-Totem to expand even to Lubbock, opening nearly 20 locations. Although Toot-N-Totem’s expansion is stretching far and wide across the Texas panhandle, it is generally thought just to be a “Panhandle thing”. Well, unsurprisingly it may not be for long.


For those of you whose travels haven’t allowed you to pass by, turns out that Toot-N-Totem actually has locations in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and even Kansas. Off a multitude of small routes, Toot-N-Totem has actually established itself within the past few years as a dominant gas station within small towns in nearby states surrounding Amarillo. 

The cities where you can find these Toot-N-Totems, Clayton, Boise City, Liberal, and Hugoton all are relatively small towns, generally having populations below 20,000. Considering the competition that Toot-N-Totem would likely face in much larger cities though, it is no surprise that Toot-N-Totem would direct its attention and capitalize on smaller towns. Similar to Allsups strategy of dominating small towns. f Toot-N-Totum continues to move further and further into different states, who knows how far the Toot-N-Totum empire can expand.

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