A major local drug dealer was busted by Amarillo Police Department on Thursday, November 18th in an unexpected fashion. After leaving a house on Tekwood Street, suspected cocaine Brandon Dwayne Burks was stopped by police. The reason for his stop, running a stop sign in the neighborhood he was leaving.

When stopped, police searched the vehicle finding four plastic baggies hidden in his underwear that added up to 58.4 grams of powdered cocaine, and 33.1 grams of crack cocaine. Burks was p arrested and booked at the Randall County Jail. Originally police suspected that Burks had been selling drugs out of a house at 517 N Taylor Street, but this arrest led them in a different direction.

Randall County Sheriff's Office
Randall County Sheriff's Office

This arrest led police to later searching a house located at 309 Tekwood, which turned out to be a storehouse for cocaine. The police found a bucket filled with two sealed plastic bags. In one of them, 497 grams of cocaine was found and in the other $13,000 in cash was found.

According to statements from Burks while in Police custody, Burks confessed that the drugs and money found on him and at 309 Tekwood belonged to him. Burks also admitted that ever since being released from prison 3 years ago, he had gone through hard times which led him to sell drugs and that this year alone he had distributed 3.5 pounds of cocaine. Burks was charged in a federal court with possession with intent to sell, which is a first-degree felony and can incur hefty fines and prison sentences.

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