A busy and eventful Erwin Pawn Tradio Show this last weekend.  We're getting set for Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale next weekend and thinking about trash.

Hairball once again will be manning the microphone for us doing live reports from the garage sale next Saturday.  But don't worry, we'll be taking your phone calls too!


Last Saturday we asked another 'Big Question'.  This one was about groceries.  Specifically grocery shopping.

I guess it was because the cupboards were bare at my place that I had grocery shopping on the brain.  Maybe it was the two super-couponers I ran into over the last couple weeks.

I remember when I was young.  Grocery shopping was a weekly event.  It was THE chore of the day and we all piled into the car and went.  And supplies were purchased for at least a full week.

Nowadays I find that I'm in the grocery store every other day.  It is always something, either forgotten the last trip or a newly discovered need.  I was curious if that was true with callers.

The Big Question:  Do you grocery shop once a week or every other day?

30 callers said "once' and 16 said "multiple".  To be fair many of those saying "once" actually went more infrequently, like bi-weekly and monthly.  And the "multiples" weren't usually as often as every other day but two to three times per week(three is basically every other day).


We bring you the rules of the program at the beginning of each hour.  I also bring you a special Rule #6 that changes every week.  This week I was inspired by a conversation I was having with my significant other.

If you know me you know I make the occasional misogynistic joke.  It's all in jest, I think the females of our species are certainly the higher form of life.  During our conversation I made a joke about her needing to get in the kitchen to make me a sandwich.  She reminded me I needed to take out the trash.  She let me know the rule.

Rule #6: Trash is men's work.

That's right.  Ladies, if your man isn't taking out the trash you need to put him in the dumpster.

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show and Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale!

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