Some of you need a little reminder not to throw trash on the street.

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I have to admit, the 'Don't Mess with Texas' ad campaign needs to go down as one of the most successful anti litter campaigns in the country. I grew up in Maryland and even I knew about these ads. Back in 1985, the Texas Department of Transportation created the 'Don't Mess with Texas' campaign. It was aimed to target males from the ages of 18-35, but took off with everyone in the state.


It is said that litter on the roadways was reduced by 72% once the campaign started. 'Don't Mess with Texas' is actually in the Advertising Hall of Fame with how much it helped reduce litter throughout our state. However, what can we actually do when we see someone littering? Turns our TXDOT has a modern snitch line for you to call these people out.


If you get the person's license plate number, make and color of vehicle, date and time, location, who tossed the litter, and what was tossed. You can report it at this link. The Texas Department of Transportation sends the litterbug a Don't Mess With Texas litterbag and a letter reminding them to keep their trash off Texas roads.


Hopefully this makes that person think twice about littering in the future. I'm telling you right now, if there was a snitch line for people that don't return carts to the stall. I'm calling on ALL of you in Wichita Falls. Some of these parking lots are a mine field of carts and I can't believe how lazy some of you are. Put your trash in the can and take your carts back to the stall.

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