I always love it when my editor walks into my office and says, "hey you want to take a quick road trip?"

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First of all, it is never a quick road trip.  Second, it's always worth the trip.  On this particular trip, my editor Sarah wanted to go see the world's largest branding iron.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

But before we stopped to see the branding iron, we stopped at this tiny outdoor museum.  We just stopped at this random corner in Vega.  She popped out of the car.  "I asked. "What are you doing?" "We're here," she exclaimed as she jumped out of the car.

I saw a sign that said End 66 so I thought she was just showing me where Rt. 66 ended here, but no, it was so much more.  It started with a cute sign that read, Route 66 Roadside Attraction.  Dot's Mini Museum - A collection dedicated to the Mother Road, the museum houses items from Vega Zero Lockers.  Established in 1944 at the "crossroads of the nation" on Route 66.

Now, I don't think we got inside the actual museum, but the outside was amazing.  Where else are you going to find a boot tree and a Howdy Dude waving at you with his big metal hands?

After Dot's, we went to find the Biggest Branding Iron outside the Milburn-Price Museum.

Here are some amazing pictures from our little road trip.  You should make plans to go and see it yourself.

Vega, Texas

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