Preserving our history is just as important as preparing the next generation.

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Our cities, our history, and our historical buildings are important pieces.  That's why it is our responsibility to make sure this part of our history is around for years to come.

It's a reminder of where we were and what we've become.

There is a piece of history in McLean that needs our help.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The very first Phillips 66 Station approved to be built in Texas, is located in McLean, Texas.  It was first opened in 1928.  It's a cute cottage-style building.

It was open until 1970 when I-40 moved in and diverted traffic away from the area.


In 1991 Wayne Bybee, donated the station to the McLean chapter of The Old Route 66 Association of Texas, and they restored it to its original glory in 1992.  The station was then gifted to the City of McLean.  Since then they have been taking care of this historical beauty.

Unfortunately over the last 30 years since its restoration, it has seen its share of wear and tear.   The building is needing further restoration and that's where you come in.

The Old Route 66 Association of Texas is ready to once again restore this beautiful station.  However, they are asking for help from the community and Route 66 lovers.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Their goal is to replace the roof, fix the mortar, and refurbish and paint the gas pumps and truck that sits in front of the building.

Here's how you can help.  They are asking for monetary donations or you can help by volunteering to help in the restoration or donating materials or supplies.

They are also hosting a raffle to win a Route 66 Getaway to McLean

First Prize: A 2-night stay at the  Cactus Inn in McLean, a $100 gift certificate to the Red River steak house, and a $50 Gas card

Second Prize: A Genuine Cadilite necklace from Lile Art Gallery

Third Prize: Authentic Texas Historic 66 Street sign

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