is website where you can find a petition for just about anything. Sometimes they're hilarious. Sometimes they involve the AQHA Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo.

According to the petition page, the petition was started by Mayor Nelson. The title of it is, "Please stay in Amarillo, American Quarter Horse Association." Which I think is incredibly polite.

The goal is set to 100 signatures. As I am writing this, the total is hovering at 71 signatures.

On the petition page, a case is made for keeping the AQHA in Amarillo. It cites history, tourism on I-40, and being "genuine Texas."

There is also the fact that we are located right on top of I-40. Plus, being here isn't nearly as expensive as being other places.

The petition wraps up by using the hashtag #PleaseStayAQHA, and then it states that "Amarillo is your home."

In case you haven't heard, the AQHA is considering moving its headquarters to Ft. Worth.

The move to use a petition to plead with the AQHA is an interesting one. According to, they have several success stories. They range from being comical in nature, to being issues that affected us on a national level.

Who's to say that a petition won't keep the AQHA in Amarillo? Maybe all they're looking for is a little affection and a "we care" from the community.

If you want to sign the petition, it's available at this link on


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