You might have noticed a couple of changes here around NewsTalk 940. While we'll always have the Sod Poodles some of the shows that come on before or after games have changed. This Monday we have an even bigger one coming to the actual weekday lineup. By the way, we always love when you listen on the app if you don't happen to be near your radio or if you're in a spot where the reception may not be so great...

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Headlines Please!

First, Lets take a look at the top of hour news service. We have officially made the switch to Fox News Radio which offers a great 24/7 option that does a better job of staying on top of the headlines throughout the day. This also provides a more consistent experience for you the listener over the 2 previous services we used that only provided news casts at different times of the day..

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The Weekend

Ok, a couple of big ones here, Speaking of The Weekend, the search for a new host for this show is still in progress and hopefully that will resolve soon, We're pretty excited to to have Dana Loesch on the line up as well as Guy Benson, Jimmy Failla and Ben Ferguson. We also are excited to have Clay Travis and Buck Sexton join the lineup with the best of their weekly program. Speaking of...

Bringing Back The EIB

Rush Limbaugh Gives A Speech In Michigan
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Let's face it... Rush was America's Anchorman, He graced the golden EIB Microphone and certainly was the inspiration for many of the hosts on our station today. In that spirit we are proud to announce that we have become an affiliate of the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show as they continue on with the Excellence in Broadcasting radio network. Starting Monday July 11th you can hear them right after Glenn Beck at 11 am. This also marks a return to the Amarillo market for the EIB which was previously carried on a different outlet.  Clay and Buck each bring unique perspectives to the table that cherish the principles of conservatism while also balancing appeal to folks of all walks of life.

We certainly hope you join us for Clay and Buck starting Monday and as always we appreciate your input and thoughts. By the way, you can always see our full schedule here. Thank you so much for making News Talk 940 your choice here in Amarillo for News, Money and Sports.


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