When it comes to private groups and events, Amarillo would not exactly be the first location that would come to mind. In this seemingly boring town, most people would not imagine that there really is much going on beneath the surface of what appears to be a mundane town for anyone looking for an exciting endeavor to take part in

But lately, there have been a series of online posts by a group named Live Capital that has been teasing a music event that is unlike anything that Amarillo has seen.

On Friday, March 3rd Live Captital will be throwing a "secret society" rave at a secret location where multiple live DJs will be playing dance music for a select audience. A professional light show including special effects lasers and HD visuals will be featured as well, adding to the experience.

"But if the show's location is at a secret location how will you go to the show" you may ask. The only way to get the location for this show will be to buy tickets that include the location of the show, meaning that this event will be limited to a select audience.


The show is limited to audiences eighteen and up and a fully staffed bar will be available to attendees over the age of twenty-one.

Capacity is limited and only so many tickets will be on sale, so be sure and get yours while you can. It'd be a bummer to miss out on an event like this if you are looking for events worth attending in Amarillo.

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