I genuinely don't know what it is about food trucks in Amarillo but they are absolutely Amazing. I mean seriously, when it comes to restaurants in Amarillo there is a whole variety of good, bad, and ugly restaurants yet somehow when it comes to Amarillo's food trucks I have genuinely never had a bad experience yet.

Relatively quick order-to-serve times, lines that never seem too excessive, and of course amazing food all make up and contribute to the love I have for food trucks.

If there was one thing I would have to complain about when it comes to food trucks, it's the fact that I can never find them. Thankfully I realized that most food trucks have social media handles that post regularly about when and where they are going to be, so that issue was solved quickly.

So without further ado, I would like to share with you a full list of some of Amarillo's best food trucks in case you are lacking in-house dining options, or if you want to try something new.

Be sure to check out their Facebook pages, because these food trucks are always updating locations

Sushi Bomb Asian Food

Feeling some quick sushi that is not from the United? Try out this food truck.


Cheesecake HSTL

Less of a food truck, and more of a sweet stop. Cheesecake HSTL will definitely hit the sweet spot if you've got a sweet tooth to satiate.


Tanya’s Burgers

Hot Dogs, Bolas De Arroz, Burgers? Taynay’s Burgers has a relatively small menu compared to most other food trucks but within that small menu, there’s a nice mix of American and Mexican options. And both options look pretty solid.


The 806 Fix

Asada fries, tacos, and burritos. Add that with a unique assortment of Philly cheese steak variations, and some experimental choices like red velvet waffles with chicken and you got something to fix your appetite.

Amarillo Food Asylum

Burgers and wings? Say no more, with a small and solid selection of burgers, a long list of choices for wings, and even fried catfish baskets these guys got you for that American food itch.


Taqueria MTZ

With 5 stars on Facebook and nothing but good reviews, you might wonder what’s so good about this family-owned Hispanic street food truck. Only one way to find out.


Rockin J Barbeque

If you’re wondering where the good Barbeque in Amarillo is, well it’s right here on 4 wheels.



With a short but solid list of pulled pork sandwiches, Frito pies, burgers, and hot dogs where could you go wrong?

Rotor City Chicken and Rice

Guess what these guys’ main dish is? No but seriously, apparently these guys’ butter chicken is supposed to be amazing.


Euro Thai Grill

As the name suggests these people have what may be the most diverse selection of food in Amarillo. A mix between Balkan, European and Thai food makes for a menu that cannot be found anywhere else in Amarillo.

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