Blue Sky is by far one of the most respected establishments in Amarillo, and for a good reason. Serving some of Amarillo's best burgers will earn you that reputation.

But for the past 4 months, Blue Sky's Women's restroom has not been in working condition, and as a result, turning the men's restroom into a unisex bathroom in order to accommodate anybody in need of a restroom.

Why is the women's restroom closed you ask? Well, it's not for something as small as a basic plumbing issue.

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Jamie Lynn Aguirre

Yep, you read it right, the women's restroom is closed due to someone who had driven their vehicle into the Blue Sky Building.

In case you don't know the story behind this let me recap it for you.

Last May, Amarillo's Blue Sky Texas Burgers' building was damaged when a woman crashed her car into the restaurant's north side. The car crashed through the iconic Blue Sky Mural and into the women's restroom at 3 A.M. . Thankfully nobody was hurt in the crash, but the mural and the womens bathroom were both badly damaged.

The wall and mural have been restored as of October last year thanks to efforts from local artists and artists who were involved with the painting of the original mural but as you can see the women's restroom is currently undergoing restoration.

So if you were wondering about the whole story about why the Blue Sky Women's restroom is under construction, now your unasked question is answered.

Let's hope drivers can avoid the Blue Sky Building in the future.

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