Amarillo Crime Stoppers have announced their annual document shredding day and it could not come at a better time. We all throw old bills, mail, and items that hold our personal information in the trash. What we don't think about, it what happens to that trash once we toss it in the dumpster. We don't think twice, and just assume it is headed straight for the landfill. However, there are people out there that dumpster dive just for the purpose of stealing our identities. Lately, I have seen more and more people dumpster diving around town, which is why this is the perfect time to shred your old documents before you toss them.

With your personal information being a sitting duck until trash collection day, shredding provides security against identify theft crimes and makes sure that your personal information does't get into the wrong hands. That is a personal GAIN for you and your family. This year, Amarillo Crime Stoppers will hold their 13th annual "Shred It Day" on Saturday, July 18 at Market Street United on Georgia Street. You are invited to bring all your old paperwork out to Market Street from 10am to 2pm. Document Shredding and Storage company will be working with Crime Stoppers to shred up to 4 bags or boxes on site that day for each person.

Along with the obvious identity protection, did you know that shredding is good for the environment? Instead of all that paper heading to the landfill, all paper collected that day will be recycled and used towards creating new paper. Start looking around now and get your bags and boxes ready to be shredded on July 18!

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