The Saturday incident that claimed the life of a construction worker and injured another has been taken over by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Conditions were damp Saturday but work continued at the site of the new Xcel building in Downtown Amarillo.  At some point investigators believe the workers came into contact with a charged line causing their injuries.  They were discovered by Amarillo fire fighters.

The initial investigation indicates the workers were drilling into some type of box and possibly made contact with an energized high amperage line or other device in the line with enough energy to cause the fatality and serious injuries to the other.  Work has been suspended at the worksite.

Late yesterday OSHA arrived and took control of the investigation from the Amarillo Fire Marshals Office.  An OSHA spokesman has announced they can say nothing at this time about the incident of the investigation.  It isn't know how long the investigation will take but OSHA typically has a six month window to complete an investigation of this nature.  It isn't know if work can resume during this time or how long the investigation will hold up construction.


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