An almost unimaginable tragedy has struck a Shamrock family.

According to the DPS 51-year-old Minnie Menefield from Shamrock rolled her truck into a ditch at Indian Hill Road and Girl Scout Road in the early morning hours Wednesday.  She was able to get out of the vehicle and returned to the roadway at Loop 335, presumably to seek help and assistance.  She set out on foot.

Tragically she was struck and killed as she walked along Loop 335 by another vehicle traveling down the roadway.  She was pronounced dead at the scene by a Justice of the Peace.  The driver of the second truck was not injured and it isn't believed they will be charged in the case.  Officials cite the darkness making it almost impossible for the truck driver to see Menefield as she walked along Loop 335.

Investigators were initially puzzled why Menefield was walking along the road but eventually located her truck and deduced she was walking, seeking help following her accident.


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