A Saturday go-cart accident is being investigated by Amarillo police.

Officers responded to the 4000 block of North Morning Drive around 4:30pm Saturday afternoon that a person has been injured while operating a go-cart in a field in the vicinity.

Investigators found that a juvenile girl had been driving the go-cart in the field near her home.  She jumped the go-cart off a small hill.  Upon landing the vehicle rolled over and she was ejected.  According to the Amarillo police department the girl was the only occupant in the go-cart.

The girl was taken to a local hospital where she later died from injuries sustained in the accident.

The authorities report that the go-cart was equipped with a roll cage but the girl was not wearing a seat belt or helmet at the time of the crash.  The Amarillo police remind other operators of recreational vehicles the importance of taking proper safety precautions.

Further information has been withheld and the investigation is ongoing.


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