After hitting a -21 degrees with the wind chill last week here in Amarillo, it's nice to see some better weather. Amarillo and all of Texas deserve a little warmth, really. But that brings us to what a lot of people are currently dealing with: what's going to happen with our energy bills?

Atmos Energy came out yesterday saying that they do not foresee their customers receiving outrageous bills. Their claim is that they do not set the market price for natural gas and assured us that there is no profit added to the gas price. So, in t theory, when you get your latest Atmos bill, it shouldn't punish you for keeping warm throughout last week's blast of insanely cold temperatures.

No sooner did I see that statement come out from Atmos did I start seeing people talk about their latest bill. I saw one person on a Canyon page say that his went up by $400. Ouch. Now that is extremely high and I would be mad too. He said that when he called Atmos they told him it was because they took an estimated reading from his meter. They encouraged him to take a photo of his meter and it would be adjusted.

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Are you kidding me? I would have a heart attack. I would.

Another Canyon resident said that hers went up $100. Here is my problem with all of this. These bills were received recently and there is no way that Atmos has gone around and read meters and sent out bills already from last week. So just know that these bills are more than likely from before the storm hit.

Here is where I am thankful that I am on Atmos's Budget Billing. It is a neat little feature available to any one who has a service account wit them This way, I am paying the same every month. So in the summer when I am not using much gas I am basically banking money for when I use more in the winter. This way I don't really ever have that heart attack moment of my bill going up hundreds of dollars.

I would suggest you use this feature for both your gas through Atmos and your electricity through Xcel. I promise you it has saved me a time or two.

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