Amarillo has a great selection of food trucks of all different cuisines.  When you find one you love, just like a restaurant you go back for more.  But, what happens when your favorite food truck disappears?

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It's not uncommon for a food truck to be around and then it is gone.  Just like with a restaurant, it is a costly endeavor to have a restaurant on wheels.

Tacos Kalifas

GoFundMe/Sandra Garcia
GoFundMe/Sandra Garcia

This truck is very popular food truck that is usually found at 1602 S. Grand St.  The owners of Tacos Kalifas has found themselves in somewhat of a bind.

Imagine, if you found a food truck, you purchased said truck, put all the work into it to get it ready to serve up some great food, open the food truck to the public, gain a huge following, and then someone tries to repo your food truck.

Keep in mind, you have been making the payments on this food truck since you purchased it.  You've done everything you are supposed to be doing.  However, the people you are making payments to aren't making the payments on the loan they took out on the food truck.  They have been taking your money, and doing who knows what with it, and now the repo man is coming for the truck you've been paying on.

That is exactly what happened to the owners of Tacos Kalifas.

We ask for patience as we try to figure things out as this is something that has happened out of no where. We appreciate the love support that we’ve received and we felt we owed you all an explanation. This results on us being closed for the next few weeks.

The truck was repossessed by the actual company that carried the original loan.   This truck was the main income for this Amarillo family, and now that's gone.  Not only that, all the money they were paying for the truck is gone.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family.

Hopefully, the Tacos Kalifas family will be able to find a solution to this situation, and we wish them all the best. It just stinks that we live in a world of dishonest people, that steal and scam from hardworking people.

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