It was not a very happy New Year for these suspected drug traffickers who were placed under arrest after calling 911 on themselves.

On December 30 in Hartley, a small town northwest of Amarillo, the Hartley County Sheriff Office received a call from an individual reporting that they were being followed. The caller was instructed by the dispatcher to make a stop at a gas station in Hartley to meet with the sheriff's deputies.

On their way to the gas station with Hartley deputies behind them, the vehicle driven by the callers suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway. Two individuals then exited the vehicle and began running at the deputy's vehicle in what was described as "an aggressive manner".

The deputies responded by drawing their guns and ordering the two to get down to the ground. After doing so, the two were promptly detained.

Then the two arrested suspects told the sheriff that they had marijuana in their vehicle. After searching the vehicle, deputies found 3 bags and a suitcase filled with one-pound bags of marijuana.

After this discovery, the two were arrested for trafficking.

Both were suspected and later confirmed to be having a paranoid episode while high on meth and had been up for 3 days straight,

According to Sheriff Chanze Fowler, the suspects had said that they were bringing drugs from Kansas to Alabama but suspicions point out that the two may have actually been traveling from Colorado to Alabama based on their route of choice.

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