Here's some good news about the Panhandle. While the wind speeds are picking up, as they do every spring, there are a couple of things that are staying low--in a very good way. These low numbers are: the area's Covid-19 cases along with the region's unemployment rate.

In other words, we're healthy and working, folks!

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Better than the rest of Texas

According to the folks over at the Texas Workforce Commission, the organization tasked with unemployment, workforce training, and facilitating the hiring needs of the area's major employers, among a host of other things. While the statewide unemployment rate saw a slight uptick of just under 7% in the month of February, the Amarillo area's average sat pretty at just 5.1%

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Amarillo By The Numbers

So lets look at the numbers because well... why not?! The total workforce according to TWC in both Randall and Potter County is 133,000 and just south of 126,000 of those who can work are leaving 6,800 folks still looking for work. and If you look around the metro, prospects for these folks are actually looking good with companies like Amazon getting ready to set up shop. And it's not just retail... the hospitality industry is coming back and expanding with new restaurant options (like Panera). By the way... shameless plug... we're hiring in our sales department here at the station too.

As more businesses continue to adjust operating hours and resuming more pre COVID-19 service levels that also helps bring folks back in to the workplace and those who are underemployed can start moving back into more full time permanent positions.

It's not so lonely at the top

The numbers out are for February but this isn't the first time Amarillo has made the top of the charts. December was the last time Amarillo held lowest in the state. If you're wondering the second and third lowest rates in the state are Austin/Round Rock and Bryan/College Station.

Hold your head high Amarillo! That Job looks good on you!

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