This has been a story I have been following closely. To be fair I feel that I have been dreaming about taquitos. Especially because Roll Em Up Taquitos will use flour tortillas instead of corn if you want.

That is the way I used to order them all the time at Ruby Tequilas. My everyday waiter, Tim, knew I wanted 2 beef and 2 shredded in flour tortillas. I can't explain how excited I am about this.

The mystery from day one was where would this location be. They have been secretive because the location is a current restaurant and they didn't know they were closing. I get that.

I put out a post asking where everyone thought they were going. Luckily everyone seemed to think the same place.

We knew it would be on 45th but there are a ton of places there. So who really knew? They started teasing it on Sunday that the announcement would be made on Monday. So like a stalker I kept casually checking out the page. I mean that is correct. I don't want to say I was actually stalking it.

Finally, the news came out. Amarillo we are great detectives. Yep, we guessed it from the get-go. We knew they were taking over this location. Sad to see for them. Really. More to come on that later.

Roll Em Up Taquitos Facebook
Roll Em Up Taquitos Facebook

Now if August could just get here sooner. I hate this for The Catch. This was one place I wanted to visit. I, though, am excited about taquitos in flour tortillas. Who is with me? The food looks amazing.

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