It's been another crazy year. It was about a year ago that The Catch announced they were about to open. They would be our newest go-to seafood place here in Amarillo. And were open for exactly one year.

What a whirlwind. This one came with some controversy. Roll 'Em Up Taquitos announced that they were moving into our city. The menu looks delicious. When they made the announcement last month, they left the location a mystery for us to ponder.

Then we found out it would be somewhere on 45th street. They couldn't announce the location quite yet because there was already a restaurant in its place. The current tenant didn't know that they were about to all lose their jobs.

With the announcement that Roll Em Up Taquitos recently made:

Roll Em Up Taquitos Facebook
Roll Em Up Taquitos Facebook

We finally had our answer. They were moving into 5900 SW 45th, which is the current location of The Catch.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The employees just found out that they lost their jobs. The good news is that Roll Em Up Taquiotos is offering jobs to every employee from The Catch. So at least they are being looked after.

When The Catch first opened I saw some promising reviews.

Exceeded the hype.
Holy cow, The Catch Amarillo y'all are incredible, super fast, amazing atmosphere and the sweetest employees! We had a good chat with Rich tonight, he's awesome.
And thanks for the free beer! - Libbie
Now they are just another used to be place here in Amarillo. Hopefully, the Roll Em Up Taquitos place lasts longer than it did. Here is to goodbyes to The Catch and a hello to Roll Em Up Taquitos.

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