When I started in radio back in the early nineties one of the hush-hush stories I heard about was a murder that happened at a local radio station. I didn't know if it was just radio folklore or if this was a true thing.

We didn't have Google back then. We had to listen to what others who were there had to say. Those stories get twisted and turned in every direction. All I knew was there was a dolly involved and that dolly helped bring down a murderer. Kind of.

Recently I received a notification in our station messenger. It was not something I ever expected. It was Cassandra Cain. She was David Cain's daughter. David was the guy who was murdered at the radio station I was told about early in my career.

I got to chat with Cassandra who was just five years old when her father died. Though she was told that he died in a car accident. I get it. How can you tell a five-year-old that your dad died in an apartment behind a radio station? That the murderer tried to hide her crime by hauling him off on a dolly attached to a truck? That is not something you can easily explain to a child.

She found out the truth though. She was going through some papers in her mom's room when she found a news article about the incident. How would you feel believing one thing and finding out this was the way he died? Cassandra has since tried to find out all she could about the case.

credit: Cassandra Cain
credit: Cassandra Cain

She has found a magazine article in "Official Detective" titled "Hello Dolly, Goodbye David.." She found that magazine on eBay. I looked too and had to order me a copy so I could read what that article had to say. There is very little out there about her dad's murder.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

According to Cassandra:

I have the book, magazine and the court tv episode on cd. Unfortunately, I was lied to as a child, told he was killed in a car accident to "protect me" and I've always searched for the truth/answers. I do a little digging from time to time and I came across your story.

Cassandra says that her father's relationship with Debbie was more than what was put in the stories. She even remembers meeting Debbie:

If was more than a fling. She was playing them both. Love triangle, in over her head, she eliminated him.

I asked Cassandra about memories she had of her dad. I wanted to know him as something more than someone killed this way. She was only five when her dad died so I was hoping she remembered stuff about him and she did.

I do have memories. He loved to hunt and was an amazing bass fisherman in Hillsborough County Florida. He was from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Born in New Orleans. He had two brothers and one sister. He was the oldest. He moved to Tampa young. Was in the Army. I think is upbringing in Baton Rouge made him down to Earth. He loved the outdoors, the water. I can remember camping as a child, along the rivers, catching tadpoles in jars, air boats, trucks, friends and family.

Debbie Garre served her time for murdering David. Not quite sure it was enough time according to Cassandra:

Something that has never sat well with me is the fact that she was sentenced to 25 years and only served 7. I see shows and stories of people getting far more time for way less offenses

Debbie is still here in Amarillo. She goes by a new name. All Cassandra has are a few articles and stories and her memories of her dad. Her mom passed away ten years after her dad. So Cassandra was pretty much an orphan for a bit. She didn't let that stop her. It sure could have.

I'm doing this because I need a voice. I never had the opportunity. Thank you. My mom went down hill, died 10 years later at 46. I was considered an orphan by the State of Florida because I lost both my parents before I turned 18. Despite all that I've made an amazing life for myself, my family and my children.

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