Looks like that Astros mascot is in some trouble.

Jennifer Harughty has filed a lawsuit against the Houston Astros because of an incident that happened last July. Jennifer said her family was situated behind third base about halfway up the section. During the seventh inning stretch, Orbit came out with his t-shirt cannon and fired a couple of shirts into the stands.

Jennifer said the shirt came at her with such force that it fractured her left index finger. Jennifer went to the emergency room after the game where she was told she would need surgery. She later underwent two operations to fix the fracture. The lawsuit alleges the team was negligent in several ways, including failing to use reasonable care when firing the cannon and failure to warn fans of the risks associated with the cannon. The lawsuit also claims Astros staff were not properly trained for the safe use of the cannon.

Jennifer is suing the Astros for one million dollars for physical pain, suffering and impairment along with mental anguish and loss of any earnings both in the past and in the future. The plaintiff is demanding the case go to a trial by jury.


Those t-shirt cannons have had several lawsuits in the past, which is why you see some teams use a slingshot to launch shirts into the stands now. Don't forget, those t-shirt cannons also killed Maude Flanders.

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