Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is a real piece of work. Check out all these articles about him:

Well, let's tack another one on to this list. Here's a quick recap of what he's dealing with:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) has been under indictment on state felony fraud charges for nearly six years, he's under investigation by the FBI for allegedly accepting bribes from a real estate developer, and his bid for a third term is under threat from Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who is basing his primary challenge partly on Paxton's legal troubles. Now, The Associated Press reports, Paxton is facing a disciplinary investigation by the Texas bar association.

So here's what's going on now. The State Bar of Texas had originally dismissed about Paxton committing professional misconduct by challenging President Biden's victory. That was an original ruling. But, that might be reversed now, by the Board of Disciplinary Appeals, which is a tribunal of 12 independent lawyers that have been appointed by the Texas Supreme Court. They are claiming that Paxton's lawsuit to overturn the results of the election in 4 swing states was:

 frivolous, unethical, and filed in bad faith.

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush (Yes, that's Jeb's son), has had some issues with Paxton and said of Paxton's attempt to undo the election:

It was a Hail Mary pass that every lawyer in the Texas bar and the country knows would not have succeeded, but he followed it anyway. I get what he was trying to do, but it didn't have a chance in hell of getting an audience at the Supreme Court.

Of course, this is all politics, so should we expect anything to happen to Attorney General Paxton? No. He's been dealing with these kind of issues since... well, as long as he's been an adult.

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