IQuick question, what was your high school mascot?

I went to a high school in Colorado, and we were the Falcons. To this day, I remember what that logo looked like and that fuzzy falcon at every basketball and football game. I could even tell you what it it wore.

Key takeaway here is that mascots matter.

So, even with it being summertime, I'm curious about something and I need your votes.

Here's my burning question: Which Amarillo area high school has the most school pride, based on their mascot?

We've got the River Road Wildcats, the Amarillo Sandies, Tascosa Rebels, Caprock Longhorns, Palo Duro Dons, the Randall Raiders and the Canyon Eagles.

I'm already out on the Eagles because I'm a Falcon, we're way cooler than an eagle. The Longhorns aren't for me because every time I hear it, all I think of is the University of Texas. I can't roll with the Wildcats because that was the mascot of one of my rival schools. The Rebels became a heated conversation about having their name changed when I lived in Austin, and now they don't exist there. Raiders? Yeah, sorry. I'm a 49ers fan in football, so anything associated with the Raiders is a non starter for me. Amarillo...what exactly IS a Sandie anyway? I'm a bit confused by that.

That leads me to Palo Duro...the Dons. Personally? I think this is the best one here. It reminds me of those old gangster movies like The Godfather and Scarface. Such a brilliantly intimidating name if you ask me.

But the reality is, you didn't ask me. I'm actually asking you...who's got the best mascot in Amarillo? Come on, cast your vote, I'm curious to see who can rep the hardest.

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