Okay, okay... I get it. It's a pretty click bait title but this one is a BIG deal and don't worry I wont have you clicking "next page" over twenty times to get to the steak and potatoes of this story.

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If you happened to notice a higher number of police officers on US 287 and other roadways around the 'rillo yesterday (Thursday) there was a good reason for it. No it wasn't a DWI checkpoint but officers were concerned about one item that could save a lot of lives.

John Roman

The Move Over Law:

OK, Here's what you came for... 130 Folks got pulled over yesterday here in the Amarillo area for not moving over when a car was broken down or in the emergency lane on the side of the highway.

The Texas Move Over/Slow Down law, basically states all Texas drivers to move one lane over, if possible, when approaching an emergency or utility vehicle parked on the shoulder with warning lights in operation. If moving over isn’t practical or possible, drivers must slow down to at least 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit.

It saves lives

The whole purpose of the move over law is actually to save lives, there are countless stories among law enforcement and first responders that talk of close calls with vehicles that have nearly taken them out while trying to help. It can be a scary situation (viewer discretion advised:)

Its not asking for much actually, You would want that same courtesy if you were on the side of the road too. Besides it's also the law and the fine is pretty steep and can head into the neighborhood of $2000.

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