Creative license plates are fun and quirky.   It shows off your personality good or bad. Have you tried to get personalized license plates in Texas?  It is a difficult task.

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There is a whole list of rules on what you can and cannot put on a Texas License Plate:

Here are a few:

Foreign or slang words, phonetics, or reverse spelling that include any or the following.
indecent, references to sexual act, sexual body parts, excrement or bodily fluids or functions

This wouldn't fly in Texas.

Apparently farts aren't funny on license plates in Texas.  This wouldn't make it either, even though you probably used this in a calculator a thousand times growing up.


You can't use any of these things either:

Profane or curse words
Derogatory terms
Reference to Race
Reference to Gangs
Reference to Illegal drugs this includes controlled substances, intoxicated states or references that glorify these states.

This wouldn't get approved


How many specialty plate requests got rejected in Texas?

According to an open records request from TV Station KVUE over 6700 license plate requests were rejected, and that was just 9 months of rejections.

Here are a few of the rejections:
attachment-Eww PPL
attachment-lane hog(1)

How do you get specialty plates?

Click Order Specialty Plates
From there you choose your design and see if it's available.
Then click checkout

How expensive are specialty plates?

For a year they are about $150 and fees.  If you choose the 5 year option they cost about $450.  You have 60 days from expiration of your plates to renew if you want to keep your plates, and if you don't it goes back into the pool of plates available and could be snatched up.

I checked and this one is available, I don't think it would get rejected.   What do you think?

If you're planning on requesting some specialty license plates, just do your research, and if you think you can beat the system, go for it.

Have you see some creative license plates? Share them with us.

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