The holidays are just around the corner.  That means Christmas, Thanksgiving and yes, that even means Black Friday shopping.  In the past stores have gone as far as opening on Thanksgiving day, but one business is saying not this year.

According to KAMR, Westgate Mall has decided not to open up on Thanksgiving this year.  In years past, they have been closed during the day, but open up in the evening to get the sales started.  This year, they will not be open at all on Thanksgiving day.  That didn't say why they decided to close, but did say holiday hours would be posted on their website.

Thanksgiving is a day where family get together to fellowship and enjoy each other's company.  In the past we have had family members who had to leave early because they had to work.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some shopping and love the deals, but what about the employees?  Don’t they deserve to enjoy the holiday?  Black Friday is ruining Thanksgiving.  It should no longer be called Black Friday but Black Thanksgiving or The Black weekend.

It seems that Thanksgiving is always being over looked.  We go straight from Halloween to Christmas.  Christmas music is already playing everywhere you go.  So here is my question to you-should ALL stores be closed on Thanksgiving to allow employees to spend the day with their families?

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