I have a love-hate relationship with TikTok. I love the fact that Pauly Shore is on it. I hate the fact that Amarillo has been accused of having beautiful beaches, and of being an picturesque North Pole inspired winter wonderland.

Amarillo Is A Great Christmas Town

It's true. We have a lot of events every year, and the parade is always something worth attending. However, that doesn't make us a "winter wonderland."

We do not look like this...

@marciagarissaChristmas in Amarillo is truly the best 😌❤️💚🎄✨##whitechristmas ##christmastiktok##amarillo##texas ##806 ##greenscreen♬ Frank Sinatra – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - doug

Let's break this down...

We Don't Have Mountains In Amarillo

There are no snowy summits. No white frosted peaks. We are not cozily nestled inside of what could pass for a perfect place to do some landscape paintings.

We do, however, have a floating mesa that I'm sure gets its fair share of ice and snow when we get hit with winter weather.

Let's Talk About Those Trees

There's too-damn-many of them for that to even come close to even slightly resembling what Christmas looks like in Yellow City. For the love of winter-time holy days, I'm not sure that I've even seen a single evergreen since I moved here all those years ago.

That Is Definitely Not Downtown Amarillo

Although, I would love to visit wherever it is. Every little shop on that snow covered road looks cozy and inviting. I'm imaging fireplaces roaring in each and every one. Not to mention the signs. They're beautiful.

They don't, however exist in Amarillo. We did string up some lights on Polk, but they don't look like that.

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